Unique wines that astonish everyone

Just like, sometimes, there's nothing better than an image, Pretium wines are the best communicators of everything behind Pretium winery: the centenary vineyards, the care of the grapes and all the traditional and sustainable treatment and elaboration…

All these features introduce us the Pretium wines, a very limited edition. The red wine (Pretium, Pretium Garnacha and Pretium Viñedos Centenarios ) can be distinguish by the attention to detail in the elaboration processes that will vary depending on the type of grape and its origin. Therefore, for tempranillo the time of aging in fine grain French oak barrels goes from 12 to 18 months. In the case of garnacha grape, a monovarietal wine, its produce in an open deposit and aged in an earthenware jar.

White wine is impressive too, produced by viura grape, malvasía and other small crop varieties, in its own lees, will stay for eight months in a 500 hundred litres barrique. All these will provide a unique and astonishing taste. And just like everything in Pretium winery is authentic and only.

Pretium White Pretium Red