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Botella de Berta Valgañón Tempranillo

Berta Valgañón Tempranillo 2018

The parcels are in Winkler Region I and Amerine, unique in La Rioja because of their extreme latitude for vine-growing. But altitude is not the only factor: extreme temperatures during the growing cycle also have an eect. During the ripening period in this area, the temperature contrast between day and night is dramatic, so the vine protects the grapes by giving them a very thick skin. is results in a wine high in tannins ready for a long ageing period.

The harvest is carried out manually in 25 kg boxes

When this has nished, the wine is transferred and taken down to the cellar to continue its ageing in French oak barrels, where it naturally remains at 12ºC all year round. It is not ltered. Only the passage of time gives it its clean, bright appearance. It is aged for 18 months in French oak barrels and a clay tank.