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Botella de Pretium Garnacha

Pretium Garnacha 2018

I manage to get the best from my unique vineyard “La Hontanilla”, planted in 1901, cultivating the vines with great care using organic and biodynamic agricultural techniques.

The parcel is on a low hill with very poor soil. It faces south so north winds are very unusual, which means healthy grapes ready for long, slow ripening. At harvest time the vines are inspected and only the Garnacha variety is picked. Production is very small.

This Garnacha, from vines more than 100 years old, is not made every year, as the weather has a great eect on owering.

Production is very limited, with only up to 270 bottles

The harvest is at the beginning of November. Alcoholic fermentation is in a clay tank and the grapes remain in maceration with their skins for a month. en they are pressed and the pressed juice is left until the summer of the following year,
when malolactic fermentation is carried out naturally.

When nished, the wine is transferred and taken down to the cellar to continue its ageing in a clay tank, where it naturally remains at 12ºC all year round.