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Bottle of Pretium White

White Pretium 2017

"White Pretium aroma range expresses more than is expected from a White wine from Rioja", sommelier Alfred Selas acknowledges. This is how White Pretium by Berta Valgañón, made from centenary vines and varieties like viura, malvasia and others, is presented. But those features are not the only to make this wine so unique: they use traditional manual harvest and cold soaking, with its skin, 500 litres French oak barrel fermentation, its lees and the latter ageing (eight months).

A genuine wine for the new times in Rioja

From a very limited production, only 1940 bottles, White Pretium offers a straw yellow colour, clean to the nose and suggesting aromas with a fine intensity.
To the mouth, "at first is soft, balanced and with a taste that marks a step forward to fruit, volume and a fine acidity and some fat feel in the end. The after taste is nice and leaves feelings that speak of a long tasting white wine; this is the tone that the climate from the Montes Obarenses, together with the growing of the vines of viura and malvasia in this soil, clay calcareous, and the extra contribution of the grapes of calagraño" concludes the sommelier.